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Celebrate All Year Long with Outdoor Accent LED Strip Lighting


Outdoor Accent LED Strip Lighting

Is Christmas your favourite time of year? Do you love to decorate? If your neighbours call you "Clark Griswold” because of your National Lampoon’s inspired holiday displays, you should invest in permanent outdoor accent LED strip lighting. This maintenance-free, energy-efficient lighting has many advantages to traditional lights – and it leaves you more time to celebrate with family!


Christmas is a special season. Many of us have timeless family traditions that delight our children or grandchildren: decorating the tree, sipping mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top, singing carols, playing board games, and making handmade gifts. However, one of the less enjoyable Christmas time tasks can be putting up the light displays. Often the lights are tangled, or they need bulbs replaced. Sometimes strings can’t be matched properly, or extension cords won’t reach to power sources.


Did you know that many Canadians suffer serious injuries when decorating for the holidays? Climbing an extension ladder that’s planted on snowy or icy ground or sidewalk can be dangerous. No one wants a trip to the Emergency Room to mar the holiday.


Having permanent outdoor lighting installed means that your lights are ready to show your Christmas spirit any time you are: simply use a remote or an app on your smartphone, and light up your house in any colour you choose – traditional red and green, frosty blue, multicoloured, classic white, or all of these, in rotation!


Not Just for Christmas

Having outdoor accent LED strip lighting is fun all year long -- you’ll find many reasons to show your true colours. Is someone special returning home after a long trip, or a year away at university? Turn on some welcome lights! Is there a 25th anniversary to celebrate? Create a silver glow to honour the couple. If you’re Irish at heart, you’ll want to turn your house Kelly green once a year, and, of course, everyone loves to show their spooky Halloween colours.


It can also be fun to show your team spirit in light. Do you cheer every time the Leafs score? Use your remote to send blue and white lights racing while you rejoice! Display the colours of your pick for the Grey Cup or the Super Bowl, and show your guests where the party is!


Backyard and Garden

In addition to strip lights, LED outdoor lamps help transform your backyard into a wonderland. Accent the hot tub experience with ambient lighting! Focus mood lighting on the deck and enjoy looking at the stars as you relax. Neighbourhood barbecues become more festive with unique lighting on the patio.  Place outdoor strip lights along the pathway, and illuminate the party space with soft light -- make the summer nights last longer! Light up favourite architectural features, flowers beds, or other landscaping elements to make your garden more beautiful.


Find a Canadian company to professionally install high-quality outdoor LED lights for you. Better companies provide a five-year warranty and most customers find their lights need little or no maintenance after decades of use. If you do need to replace a section of the lights, the company can make a quick service call and replace them quickly and easily.


Create magic with lights in your outdoor spaces Source beautiful outdoor accent LED strip lighting today!